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grill master

Smoke wafts through the yard

Neighbors hang over the fence

The recipe worked

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

my sister, the yard artist

stuff11 005

Momma, look! A snake!

Ew, there’s a bat in that tree!

That neighbor’s a witch!

stuff11 008

She has rats and skulls

Ghosts are swinging in the breeze

Let’s go home NOW, please!!!

©2015 Annette Rochelle Aben

good in the hood


Shop for a new home when the skies are sunny, when the new neighbors are out and the local dogs are being funny. Take the kids for a walk down the road to look for red squirrels, baby rabbits and wise tree toads. Close your eyes to hear the excitement swell as closer draws the sound of the ice cream truck bell. Stand in the drive for a minute or two and allow the house to speak to you. Now imagine you are planting flowers and cutting the grass. Gee, you have might have found a home at last!

©2015 Annette Aben