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Tiny House Help

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With all the recent interest in Tiny Houses, it just occurred to me I have a gold-mine on my hands.  I OWN a Tiny House, also known as a camper.  I can market it as a trial Tiny Home, a 160 square …

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Linda Swain Bethea on Tell Me a Story


Monday, September 26th, 1:30-2pm EDT ~ Welcome to Tell Me a Story, today, Linda Swain Bethea!  Those who follow her in the blogging world, can attest to the fact that she is a gifted storyteller. Everyone is hooked on her blog Nutsrok.  http://www.nutsrok.wordpress.com Linda has recently published her first book, Everything Smells Just Like Poke Salad. This is actually a collaboration with her 88year old mother, Kathleen Holdaway Swain. There’s got to be a good story here and we’re sure to hear it, today on The Magic Happens Radio Network. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/themagichappens


Something for Nothing!!!!

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Click on this image on the right for a link to get this ebook free from Kindle Saturday or Sunday only.  Please share!I grew up in a family of competitive storytellers.  A little thing like a stubb…

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YouTube videos of my mother, Kathleen Holdaway Swain

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Kathleen Holdaway Swain Mother working in the yard Mother checking out cemetery lots. I am posting videos from my youtube account for those of you who want to see my mother in action. She is availa…

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