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It’s been kind of a big day…

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Breaking News! Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast: The Case of the Stinky Stench is coming Spring of 2017! Oh, and Pirasaurs! AND Dear Dragon arrived in the mail today…

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Pirasaurs! Is Now Available for Pre-Order

Yo, Ho, Ho and an opportunity to pre-order a book with one of the cutest titles I have ever seen…  That’s right, pre-orders for Pirasaurs are being accepted.  Arrrgh mateys!

They’re pirates. They’re dinosaurs? They’re Pirasaurs! RAWRGH! And now you can pre-order from your book store of choice!

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Pirasaurs! Cover Reveal

If you want to see something delightful, follow this link and be prepared to smile!  Josh Funk has created a fabulous “pirate story” for children and well, follow the link for the cover reveal and an interview regarding the August debut of this adorable book!

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