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Be Live


A special Angel

Wraps wings of hope around us

Filling us with peace

Calm will take over

Possibilities exist

Life promises joy

Call this love to you

Every time you say thank you

Reaching beyond fear

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

You Speak and the Angels Sing

When Angels speak, I listen…

When people kept telling me that they wished I would put a book together that featured messages from Angels, I listened.

When would NOW be a good time…

It’s here!  That’s right, I just checked Amazon and the book that everyone has been waiting for is LIVE.  Angel Messages – a wing and a prayer can be purchased.


Thank you to Christopher Graham (The Story Reading Ape) for this beautiful 3D display of the book!  As well as for his coaching through the creation of the cover!  


Because I have felt the presence of Angels all my life, I just figured that everyone else did too, of course it was a revelation to learn this was not the case. It was the Angels themselves, who asked me to share guidance that I received everyday with as many people as I could. I believe the Angels asked me because people were crying out to the Angels for some sort of help. Since I could hear them, I could share the information.  This made sense.

It started with doing “readings” for people decades ago. Word of mouth spread and before I knew it more and more people were coming to me for answers to their questions. That didn’t appear to be enough, so I was guided to use electronic media to reach even more people. Twelve years ago, I began sending out the meditative messages I received every morning via email groups. Still, there were more people to be reached, I was told. Social media allowed me to touch even more lives. What next? The book, of course.


So here it is!  I am honored to present to you something you can hang on to, share with friends, gift to strangers and perhaps find the peace and comfort I have found knowing that there are Angels, that they love us and are always around. It is filled with photographs, poems, prayers and so much love.

Yes, I still do readings for people, and I continue to post the messages. Yes, there is a personal testimony about the presence of Angels in this book.  One day I may go all the way back to the beginning of how the Angels first came to the aid of a terrified little girl and never left her side. Until then, I hope you enjoy this book and connect with those who are there to love, guide and guard, by opening up to Angel Messages.



Angel Messages – December 24, 2015


Your DAILY MESSAGE from the Angels…


We love you…

Thank you, thank you, Angels!

Angel Messages – December 6, 2015

Aunt Jean Hoffman 2007 280

Your DAILY MESSAGE from the Angels…


We love you…

(((Angels))), thank you!!

teddy’s at the ready


The fading of the sky’s light heralds the approaching night. This is the call to pillows everywhere to be ready to catch the heads of hair as they fall into sleep as the dark becomes deep. Blankets, sheets and mattresses are being prepared for it is necessary that they too, do their share. Prayers have been said, slippers slid under the bed as weary fingers rub sandy eyes of red. Night, night, sleep tight we’ll meet again in the morning bright!

©2015 Annette Aben