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Writer’s Quote Wednesday Inspiration


I just love trees!  Looking at them, watching how they blow in the breeze and even how they continue to exist after they have experienced some mighty harrowing moments. Even though they are rained upon, often filled with critters who seek to build their homes and are hacked to bits by people who believe the trees are in their way, they stand tall and strong.

I prefer to enjoy them in their natural environments. What I mean by that, is that I watch them do their thing, without feeling the need to join them.  It’s okay that I am sitting a distance away, or watching them through my windows, it is as though we respect each other’s space.

We have a towering pine in our backyard, and a variety of ornamentals throughout the front yard. The house directly across the street is surrounded by trees of all kinds, many of them stretch 50-75 feet into the air. As I sit here and write, I can turn my head to the right or the left and get lost in the most amazing sights.

As I watch the trees, I feel they are speaking to me, sharing their secrets and helping me to appreciate my own. And even though the leaves are brilliant and beautiful to watch, adding their magnificent colors to the world, my favorite view of the trees is when they are bare. That’s right!  To see their trunks and limbs growing every which way, to me, shows their authenticity. It makes me appreciate my rawness for what it is and encourages me to just BE without apology or competition.

After years of feeling I had to conform, I feel inspired by trees to simply let go and live for the sheer pleasure of living.

Thank you, to the trees

For helping me to find peace

Standing tall and strong

You are who you are

You encourage me to be

With no excuses

Your wisdom just flows

My hungry heart can connect

And love fills my life

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben


Writer’s Quote Wednesday LAUGHTER


Emerson’s famous quote always puts a smile on my face.  To imagine that flowers are the earth’s way of showing laughter is a most pleasant visual. Many people smile when they see a field of buttercups, a row of tulips or a trellis of roses. Even those, such as myself, who have allergies to the fragrance of flowers, might still love seeing them.

Carnations and lavender are the exception to my allergy symptoms.  I’ve no idea why but am eternally grateful, especially for the lavender, whose essential oil is a staple in my medicine chest. If you have never looked into essential oils to learn more about their therapeutic properties, please allow me to invite you to do just that. Many companies exist, from whom you can purchase countless varieties of pure, single oils to layered blends designed to ease stress or help you find more energy. Back in the 1990’s I studied with the Nelson Bach company to dispense their Bach Flower Remedies. And when Uttati International came to my area, I took their essential oil classes. To this day, I still use these products as well as the knowledge I gained.

So, back to the thought of flowers being the way the earth laughs…

 There are distant sounds

Ringing like chimes across fields

Calling to our ears

From o’er yon mountain

Delight entreats us hither

Relax, lighten up

A feast for the soul

Compliments of Mother Earth

Laugh lines ‘round the eyes

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben