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Reunited and It Feels So Good

Well, it appears that I have been reunited with your wonderful blogs!

The man with the key was Ajay, a customer service expert at Word Press.  He guided me to the proper page, and sure enough, I found that a little box had been checked and as a result, I, I had BLOCKED ALL EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS from blogs I follow.


Of course I did NOT do that. Have NO idea how it happened, especially since I didn’t even know that this page existed.

Okay friends, here are the two pages for YOU to use should you ever find yourself exiled in similar fashion.

https://wordpress.com/me/notifications is where I found a page that had this at the top




You will see SUBSCRIPTION DELIVERY and at the bottom there was a little box next to the words BLOCK EMAILS (block all email updates from blogs you’re following on Word Press)

Yes, that was CHECKED.  I had no idea how it got that way, so I unchecked it.

Then I hit SAVE NOTIFICATION SETTINGS and I was good to go.  Sure enough, I began receiving emails of blog posts from a few bloggers.

Also, if you are still having troubles, or troubles of a different sort, with your Word Press account, here is another page to go to:


That is where I hooked up with Ajay, by going to the space where it said I could talk to someone. I did keep that window open and checked it every few minutes. However, if you have to bail, they WILL email you to let you know someone has answered your question.

So, not that I am a pessimist, we will see how long this lasts. Obviously, more people blog earlier in the day, than in the evening.