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Tell Me a Story Linda Bradley

What’s so exciting about doing this podcast, Tell Me a Story is being able to connect people from all over the world to each other.

Today, we go from one County in Michigan (where I am) to a neighboring County in Michigan,  to hold the space for Author, Linda Bradley

Linda has penned a series of 3 books, featuring heroine, Maggie Abernathy in her Montana Bound books 

You met her in Maggie’s Way, grew closer to her in Maggies’ Fork in the Road and cheered her on, in Maggie’s Montana.

What’s the latest on Maggie?

This is why we brought Linda onto the show today, so you’ll have to tune in, to find out MORE about A Montana Bound Christmas

So, pour a cuppa, curl up and enjoy this presentation of The Magic Happens Magazine which is thrilled to bring you Tell Me a Story podcasts via The Magic Happens Radio Network


10 Questions for Ronovan Hester

Vashti put it to Ronovan and here is the result!  A really cool interview filled with things you might not otherwise know or learn about Ronovan Hester or Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling – enjoy… oh and Ron, do you ship those potatoes???

With only being able to reblog once, and having done that with this interview to my author site, I’ve copied and pasted the article here. It isn’t as nicely formatted as author Vashti Q…

Source: 10 Questions for Ronovan Hester