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Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge Wisdom

Well, I must say that the thoughts of WISDOM and WOMEN gave me the opportunity to journey through some of the most remarkable quotes. Many of those which I came across made me smile, several brought gales of laughter however when I saw the two quotes I “memed” up for this post, I knew this was my direction.

I have always admired the two women I chose to feature, for their talents as well as their wisdom.

Marlo Thomas, who was born into show business, made her way and never traded on her father’s name for fame.  Not only was she my idol as “That Girl” when she wrote the book, “Free to be You and Me” I knew she was quite the gift! (When she married Phil Donahue, I was convinced she was the most intelligent woman on the planet).

Barbra Streisand’s music and film presence impressed me from the time I could play my parent’s records without supervision.  Starring at the big screen in awe while I watched Funny Girl, I learned that she would never let anyone “rain on her parade” and as I followed her career over the decades, she never did!  People have not always liked her but she knew who she was and what she came here to do and did it without apology!

Of course it took me ages to learn that it was really okay to be me.. not that I could be anything other than. And as far as others raining on my parade, well let’s just say I  have learned to employ a smile as my umbrella!

So, to two of the ladies who helped shape my life, I offer a little of their wisdom and a haiku of my take on WISDOM and WOMEN!


 Women wise are we

Wiser women may we be

Life’s taught us to see

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben


Writers Quote Wednesday March 2nd


Thinking about this week’s BeWOW, Writer’s Quotes Challenge was so easy for me, as easy as “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” as today would have been the 112th birthday of one of the writing world’s greatest treasures, Theodor Geisel, otherwise to be forever known as Dr. Seuss!

My parents read to us as though our lives depended upon every word.  At the point were able to interact with them during the experience, we were introduced to such classics as “If I Ran the Zoo” and “Horton Hears a Who”.  Sing-song rhyme and colorful illustrations were an irresistible combination. We would squeal with delight when we saw the books brought out and unleashed the crocodile tears when we reached the end.  Why did we have to close our eyes to go to dreamland when we wanted to keep them open to experience the colorful characters in Seussland?

So, yes, my parents were big on reading and they instilled that love in each of us three children. To this day, each of us always has a book in progress, including my dad.  When I call him (we have a standing Saturday night “date” call) he always speaks, with great enthusiasm, about what book he is currently reading.

My folks taught us how to read, but Dr. Seuss taught us how to think.  He opened the doors to the imagination of possible, by tossing probable out the window.  He bought us into his mind’s world and was so excited to have the company because he knew we’d want to return. It was like visiting a home, instead of a house. The books housed his words but his writings hit home because they were home. Comfort food for the intellect, ever and always.


I have included four of my favorite Seuss quotes into one meme because I really didn’t want to post just one.  Decisions, decisions, eh? And of course, as I hit the save button, I realized there was one I forgot to add, so I shall put it here. “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

 Still smiling Dr. Seuss.  Each and every time I eat my eggs with green ham or put a hat on the cat… 

Writers Quote Wednesday #BeWOW

#Writer’sQuoteWednesday & #BeWow – Victor Hugo


Love this quote!  There are a myriad of reasons, here are two. First, its logic speaks to me, by reminding me of options and being able to be flexible.  Next, I find it extremely passionate, almost as though it were a cry to the powers that be, to be granted at least SOME form of expression for the soul.  Begging the question, if not to fly or sing, then what?

I believe that as a writer, I can both fly and sing by giving my thoughts wings as well as  a voice using poetry as the vehicle.  Thoughts swirl in my mind constantly, almost to the point of not being able to fall asleep at night due to constant chatter. As a result, there are notepads and pens nearly everywhere I could possibly be when a thought might occur. Then, when I watch the words appear in front of me, it is as though I am witnessing the miracle of birth for it is at that point I acknowledge that the thoughts have had a life of their own all along, and it has been ME that has been the vehicle. I have been asked to make them fly or sing.  If I can do both,  then I am honored.

So, J.M. Barrie, what a brilliant vehicle in human form.  While I have yet to read Peter Pan all the way through, I remember, vividly, watching the award-winning actress, Mary Martin, breathe life into the character of “the boy who would not grow up” during a televised production of the stage play.  The magic of the Scottish novelist and playwright’s ability to give his thoughts and feelings wings and a voice is no more apparent than in this timeless classic.

Decades later, I was watching the film Finding Neverland, starring Johnny Depp and felt the exact same wonder and awe as I had as a child. What I appreciated about this film more than with the television program I had watched, was that this presentation placed the focus on the creative energy of Barrie, which resulted in the creation of Peter Pan. If you’ll pardon the expression, I was hooked! I purchased the DVD and admit to having watched it over 100 times (thus far).

From 1904 to 2016, the influence of J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, has endured.  Perhaps this quote will speak to you and if so, I’m sure I will see you flying about and we are sure to meet up “second star to the right and straight on ’till morning.”


Writers Quote Wednesday


Decided to share this quote, not so much because of the person to whom it is attributed, moreover because of the person who shared it with me originally, my dad.  Cultivating an adult relationship with my dad has been a most rewarding experience, for while I am still his daughter (one of two girls and the first born of three children) I am also practically a senior citizen which allows us many opportunities to relate to each other on different levels of existence.

My dad is a voracious reader (always has been) and since I have become a published author, he treats me with the respect he does those whose works he has enjoyed for decades. I receive praise (come on, it’s my dad) right along with constructive suggestions as how to keep getting better (come on, it’s my dad, eh). Equally as amazing, he supports my career by not allowing me to gift him my books. He heads right to Amazon with each new release and purchases the book. Then proudly carries it with him to work (yes, at 80 he still works one day a week at the village grocery store) and flashes it about, quoting and crowing, like a proud rooster!


This quote he sent me was his way of letting me know that as long as I was trying, he was proud.  This means the world to me and as such, I wanted to offer the same support to each of you!

Much love and many blessings!  Annette Rochelle




Christmas Trees Around the World

Thank you to Colleen for the invite to participate in this photo gallery.

holidaze 015My sister, Lorraine, is the tree decorator in this house. She has such a grand time so my brother, Mitch and I simply stay out of her way, lest we end up decorated ourselves.

ChristmasCollageLorraine not only decorates the tree, she decorates everything (pretty much) in the room. Yes, those are Santa and elf hats on skulls…  Dinosaur? But of course!


We are located in  Westland which is in the great State of Michigan, smack dab in between Detroit Metro Airport, Ann Arbor, Detroit and Dearborn (roughly 25 minutes from any one those destinations for those who are Michigan savvy).

Many of the decorations have been in our family for decades and believe it or not, she adds new things every year…  No wonder she loves decorating even the outside trees as well as creating trees out of practically ANYTHING in the house!