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Mutual Admiration

Squirrels wait each day

When she comes out of her house

They know what’s coming

They need the nuts she gives them

She enjoys being needed

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben


Hoist the Main Tail

A little captain’s cap

Fits on the squirrel’s head

Insignia in red

The S. S. Nut

Just room for one on board

More than a rodent raft

A sturdy sailing craft

An acorn hull

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben


Chasing Tails

Three squirrely whirlies

Playing tag in the tree

Filled with joy, so carefree

Come, watch the fun

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben

Quite a Tail

The little face poked out

Of the nest in the tree

Blinked, a new day to see

Sun on the rise

Happy little squirrel

Scampers down the branches

Off to take his chances

For adventure

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben

Aw Nuts

There goes that squirrel

Straight up the tree to a nest

Poked around inside

Must not have found anything

Sad, no neighbors to play with

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben