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The Angels appreciate your VOTE

From Sunday, October 16th, 8am EDT through Sunday, October 23rd, 8am EDT, the cover of my book, Angel Messages A Wing and A Prayer is is the running to WIN the Author Shout, COVER WARS!


How this works, is that VOTING is only ONCE in a TWENTY-FOUR HOUR PERIOD. This time frame will vary from voter to voter. Say that YOU VOTE at 11am on Sunday, then YOU must wait until after 11am on Monday, to VOTE AGAIN. If I VOTE at 7pm on any given day, then I have to wait until after 7pm to VOTE AGAIN the next day. Ideally, if everyone were to VOTE ONCE a DAY, we can each cast 6 VOTES during the contest. That sounds wonderful…

The Angels and I appreciate YOUR VOTES!  This is the ONE ELECTION this year in which it is a pleasure to VOTE!

Here is the link for VOTING.  And be sure to SUBMIT YOUR COVER for a FUTURE COVER WARS contest!

Cover Wars