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Writers Quote Wednesday BELIEVE


Your dreams… YOUR dreams…  your DREAMSYOUR DREAMS!!  The power of your dreams is remarkable. That power is what gives you the feeling of POSSIBLE.  That power is what gives you the feeling of CHOICE.  That power is fueled by your BELIEF!  To BELIEVE in the POWER of your DREAMS, is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

You were born to CREATE all that your ENERGY feels compelled to SHARE. You came to this life to SHINE the LIGHT of BEAUTY that emanates from your very core. To BELIEVE in the POWER of YOUR DREAMS is why you are here.

You have everything inside of you to BRING the DREAMS of your ENERGY into fruition. You have enough CREATIVITY.  You have enough TALENT.  You have enough POWER.  When you use the POWER of BELIEF, you will find the FOCUS, the ENERGY and the TIME to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

You will DREAM the DREAMS that are so PERSONAL and UNIQUE to YOU! Each and every one of YOU can DREAM your own PERSONAL DREAMS and in doing so, you RAISE the VIBRATION of each and every DREAM that each and every other person DREAMS. The HIGHER you see your DREAM going, the HIGHER the VIBRATION. The higher YOUR vibration goes, the more everyone else’s DREAMS can climb!

You are CONTRIBUTING to the greater VIBRATION of every DREAM ever dreamed.  You are offering SUPPORT to every DREAM seeking to MANIFEST.  By BELIEVING in the POWER of your DREAMS, you are MENTORING CREATIVITY in the most LOVING of ways.

The IMPORTANCE of BELIEVING in the POWER of your DREAMS is farther reaching than you might ever IMAGINE.  You are a CREATOR, therefore, you MUST CREATE!  The GIFT you give to yourself, actually GIFTS all life. By OWNING your POWER and CHOOSING to BELIEVE in your DREAMS, the future is yours! A MAGICAL future.  A HAPPY future. You DESERVE to EXPERIENCE the MAGIC of your DREAMS coming TRUE! You DESERVE to OWN your POWERBELIEVE in the POWER of your DREAMS and MANIFEST!


Because I can choose

I can always choose to choose

To believe in me

 It’s my “NOW” power

Sets me free and gives me wings

So my dreams can soar!

(c) 2016 Annette Rochelle Aben 

#WQWWC – Writers Quote ‘Thursday’ Writing Challenge – “Believe”


mistaken idenity



Used to describe women’s worth

Behavior judgement

Yet there’s so much more

When defining a woman

Look deep inside her

Listen to her soul

Encourage her hopes and dreams

Step back, give her space

Offer your support

Allow her to make mistakes

Applaud her efforts

Ask her for advice

Guide with your advice when asked

She’ll make up her mind

Women are people

People are more than their looks

Much more than we see

So please dig deeper

Discover real women

Then please, redefine

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

command performance


Music inside you

Beautifully orchestrated

Longing to be heard

Life’s stage awaits you

Play to the back of the house

You’re a natural!

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

The Illusionist


Feel the energy

There is magic in the air


Rabbits are in hats

Ladies take chances with saws

Worn out seat edges

Don’t anyone breathe

And don’t let anyone blink

Lest they might be fooled

The conjurer’s hand

Pulling coins from behind ears

When not hiding cards

Masters of their craft

They troll for the fish named Tom

No matter the age

©2015 Annette Rochelle Aben