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Tell Me a Story Gwen Plano & John Howell

We deliver a double your pleasure, double your fun presentation today, as we welcome collaborative authors Gwen Plano & John Howell to Tell Me a Story.

To discover how to blend a successful non-fiction writer and a successful fiction writer to create one really good book, is why we gather together for this podcast. Gwen Plano, author of Letting Go into Perfect Love, Discovering the Extraordinary After Abuse and John Howell, whose latest book is Circumstances of Childhood, have co-created the thriller, The Contract between Heaven and Earth. Was this an easy process? Who did what? What’s next? Find out, tune in and SHARE this PODCAST with other inquiring minds. 

You will find links to purchase The Contract between Heaven and Earth on both Gwen Plano‘s site as well as on John Howell‘s site. I hope you do!

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