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Summer’s Magic Happens in July

Gee whiz, everyone is feeling the heat these days to get out and enjoy the The Magic Happens

So, whether you are apt to STRUM a guitar, EASE yourself into the pool, or have some other special way of enjoying the SUMMER, take us along!

 By the way, see what I did there, those are the prompt words we challenged our writers to work into their articles.

I offered a couple different pieces, in between cutting the grass and making lemonade! 

Hello July

chow chow chow

We truly appreciate your kind attention to our words of wit and wonder!  Thank you for sharing, if you are so moved. AND if you would like to join our ranks, let me know!

Happy Summer! Annette Rochelle Aben, Editor, The Magic Happens Magazine


March Magic


We put our head together and come up with a brand new magazine for you at The Magic Happens

 What with prompt words such as:


our writers found their minds full of wonderful ideas, so much so, that they filled the magazine with their wisdom & wit!

Here are my offerings this month:


Happy Spring Things

A Puzzled Life

The Laying on of Hands

Stop on over, bring your friends and hang out a while!  We sure enjoy having you.  After all, everyone gathering together, is March Magic

The Magic is Happening in September

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the September 2017 Edition of The Magic Happens is available for your enjoyment!

Because we have such a wide array of people and personalities who contribute each month, there is always something new to give your grey matter a work out.  So, this month, our writers chose from among these topics for the Theme Articles:


 Which did I choose?  Ah, you can find out by giving the magazine a look see and to make it easier… Here are the links to my posts and I thank you in advance, for reading and sharing!

Louise L. Hay, The Eternal Light

Lighten Up on Tomorrow

Seeds of Strength

Lighten Up in September


A Star Spangled Read for Our Tenth Anniversary

A star-spangled read this month at The Magic Happens as we present our July 2017 Edition!  This month’s magazine is made even more exciting as this is our 10th Anniversary!  That’s right, 10 years of growing and expanding, from the humble beginnings of a thought, to reaching millions of readers all over the world!  Be sure to check out the special audio interviews, hosted by Founder, Kathleen Anne McCarthy! This feature provides the opportunity to put a voice to the writer while they share from their hearts.

Come find out what our writers have to offer based on the prompts of


 Here is the collage of my articles and I appreciate that you enjoy them!

Have a terrific summer, filled with great reading provided by a community of humanity thriving out loud!

Annette Rochelle Aben, Editor

Natacha Guyot on Tell Me a Story


Friday, October 28th, 1:30-2pm EDT ~ Let’s welcome, Natacha Guyot to Tell Me a Story. Natacha is a French researcher, author, and public speaker whose new Science Fiction novella, Dream Crusher, is coming out in Kindle and paperback format in November 2016. So, why does someone immersed in doctoral studies at University of Texas, Dallas, enjoy writing science fiction and fantasy stories? Stay tuned to The Magic Happens Radio Network today and we’ll find out! Be sure to visit Natacha Guyot http://www.natachaguyot.org where you’ll find the links to her books and social media sites. We invite you to FOLLOW us http://www.blogtalkradio.com/themagichappens where we post our upcoming programs and store all our downloadable podcasts.