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Tell Me a Story Dean Nelson

Today, we travel to sunny, Florida as we welcome Author, Dean Nelson to the podcast.  Not only does Dean put his positive spin on life here on Tell Me a Story he also graces the pages of our online magazine The Magic Happens  as a frequent contributor.

On this podcast, Dean helps us unlock the real power of affirmations. Why they don’t necessarily work for many and how we can be in the group for whom they DO work!

Be sure to visit Dean Nelson at http://www.awakenmypotential.com where you can find the links to his books: The Experiential Approach and The Mindfulness Approach.  He is currently working on The Threshold Approach.  For the rest of this week, Dean is offering the Kindle versions of the first two books as FREE DOWNLOADS, so be sure to visit Author Central Page and grab those for yourself!  Thank you, for leaving a cheery review once you have read his books.  You are thoughtful that way. 

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