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Tell Me a Story Vashti Quiroz Vega

So, this week, we venture to South Florida, for a chat with an author/blogger, who sees herself as just your average writer next door. In fact, she hangs with us through haiku challenges, sharing her deeply moving poetry. She’s got a couple books to her credit… That’s right, you’ve figured out that we are extending a warm welcome to Vashti Q Vega as she joins the podcast, known as Tell Me a Story

Her dark fantasy book, The Fall of Lilith is our main topic of conversation. Be sure to check it out, as it is available in both paperback and eBook formats.

Gotta love a gal who has a dog named Scribbles….

We’re going to clear up any misconceptions about the main character in her book, The Fall of Lilith.  I know I was going with what I thought I knew and I found out that I was wrong…  Learn why she enjoys writing in her chosen genre and find out what she sees, when she looks up from her writing and glances….

Be sure to FOLLOW Vashti on her blog: https://vashtiqvega.wordpress.com/ and she would be most appreciative to have your kind REVIEW after you have enjoyed her book: The Fall of Lilith

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