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Mighty Musical Motivation January 2021

Mighty Musical Motivation New Feature for 2021

I have certain songs that just inspire me to stay motivated. Throughout 2021 I will feature a different song on the first of each month. Perhaps they will strike a chord within you!

I call this feature:

Here is a little tune to set the tone!


Annette Rochelle Aben

September is Self Care Awareness Month

 September is Self Care Awareness Month. This is a brand new monthly observance, yet self care is something we should all be embracing.

Now, I am not a Doctor, and I don’t even play one on my blog. However, I can attest that when I do as much as I can for myself, my life is better. Whether it is cooking healthy meals, filling my ears with uplifting words and music or simply soaking my feet every now and then, everything helps to keep me on an even keel.

What I have done, is to create a series of blog posts with one idea for each day in the month of September. These are suggestions. Take them for what they are. Personalize them to your tastes and/or circumstances. Collect them, share them but bear in mind that they are designed to help you help yourself.

Here’s a thought. Each idea that resonates with you, write on a sticky note and place in a jar, envelope or a bag. Then choose one the night before and make it happen the next day. Then put that sticky note into a new jar, envelope or bag and once the one is empty, pull from the full one. Of course, you can always add more at any time. Before you know it, you’ll be caring for yourself so much, that you’ll extra “care to share” and that rocks too!

Keep in mind that self-care is all about self-respect. Only YOU can show others how to treat YOU. BE the example you want them to follow!

There is even a group on Facebook that is all about a Self-Care 30-Day Challenge. They would love it if you would participate, so here’s the link to that page.


This is the link to their official Facebook page, that you can LIKE if you desire.


Let’s set the bar high and give ourselves the best lives we know how. See you in September!



Smorgasbord Health – Seasonal Affective Disorder – Part One – The way we were!

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Smorgasbord Health A-Z of common conditions – Athlete’s Foot

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