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Angel Messages Apr 1 2022

Your DAILY MESSAGE from Angels


We love you

Thank you, Angels!!!

Earned Credit

Remember, raise your arms

Crossing the finish line

A Universal sign

Of victory

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben

Food for Thought

What does it taste like

Is it sweet like victory

Or like confusion

Take small bites of everything

Swallow what agrees with you

©2018 Annette Rochelle Aben


Aim for outrageous

Prepare to nail amazing

Own spectacular

Head straight for those goals you set

Do that happy dance with glee

©2018 Annette Rochelle Aben

Attitude of Gratitude

Thank you for your attitude of gratitude!

Not everyone who seems to be struggling needs our help. Often, what looks like difficulty could merely be process that is refining someone’s inner strength.  We can best help them by showing our appreciation for their fortitude. Lifting them up in our hearts and celebrating their victories!

Affirmation: I can be supportive in ways that are not always seen.

I appreciate you. Love, Annette Rochelle