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New book Fanfare and a review – PhoKu – Visual Perspective Haiku by Annette Rochelle Aben



Many thanks to Sally Cronin for this wonderful coming-out party!  PhoKu is a taste of my life here in Westland, MI in visual and verse. I am as honored to have this book to share with you as I am to have to support with which to share my book.


Source: New book Fanfare and a review – PhoKu – Visual Perspective Haiku by Annette Rochelle Aben

Christmas Trees Around the World

Thank you to Colleen for the invite to participate in this photo gallery.

holidaze 015My sister, Lorraine, is the tree decorator in this house. She has such a grand time so my brother, Mitch and I simply stay out of her way, lest we end up decorated ourselves.

ChristmasCollageLorraine not only decorates the tree, she decorates everything (pretty much) in the room. Yes, those are Santa and elf hats on skulls…  Dinosaur? But of course!


We are located in  Westland which is in the great State of Michigan, smack dab in between Detroit Metro Airport, Ann Arbor, Detroit and Dearborn (roughly 25 minutes from any one those destinations for those who are Michigan savvy).

Many of the decorations have been in our family for decades and believe it or not, she adds new things every year…  No wonder she loves decorating even the outside trees as well as creating trees out of practically ANYTHING in the house!




Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week 6 Unused



Here is a shot of an unused picnic area at a local park… I must say that when the weather is warm and inviting, cheery partiers are everywhere.  Not so much this day.

Hello Dad, I Got Published Again!


Announcing that I have been published in the publication that links me to the City in which I live, I speak of Westland Writes 2015 Poetry and Fiction.  YAY!  This is the seventh year the Westland Public Library has published an anthology and the first year I have contributed.  Andy Schuck, the Head of Youth Services of the William P. Faust Public Library of Westland, Michigan U.S.A. is the editor of this 124 page publication that celebrates local writers.

I saw a posting on Facebook on the City’s page calling for entries back in April and I followed up on the entry process.  It seems that this project was created in conjunction with National Poetry Month, which just happens to be April each year. Searching through the vast collection of decades of me poetry, I managed to choose two selections to submit.  Why two, you may ask? Because that was the limit. Holding my breath, I was tingling inside when I received the confirmation emails that yes, indeed I would be included in this year’s publication.  YAY!

So the first poem is one I wrote to celebrate the birth of my niece, Allison Scislowski and titled, appropriately enough: For Allison.  The next poem is something I wrote back in the 90’s and I titled this one: Worthy.

Yes you can purchase this book via Lulu where the library chose as their P.O.D. home, or I will let you in on a little secret.  When you visit the site, they allow you a sneak peek of the book and guess what, you can read both my poems as they are the first two in the book!  So whether or not you DO make a purchase or you just read what the preview allows and carry on with your day, thank you so much for your support of my writing and publishing career. And I do plan on submitting again next year, why not.


*side note* This is the new link I found on their site and I pray it works!

are the stars out tonight?

Closing the evening’s curtains as the moon prepares to rise. The clouds are falling into formation in the soon to be midnight sky. Deep blue the night from bright of the day and oh so discreet our yawns, as Sol slips away.
©2014 Annette Aben