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Celebrating the Launch of my #RomanceBook #IFFILA #NewAuthor

CLICK the LINK BELOW and CELEBRATE with a NEW AUTHOR! Lucy Mitchell has released her first book.

via Celebrating the Launch of my #RomanceBook #IFFILA #NewAuthor

My Blog Anniversary post of Choice.

Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite bloggers, a more than compassionate person and all around supporter of authors everywhere.  Ronovan is someone to connect with if you are not already FOLLOWING him. Read this post, not only his post but the original as well. Then do yourself a favor and step through his blog and feel the hug, the sincerity and the feeling that you have found your Tribe!  Thank you Ron, I look forward to the ensuing years and being able to work with you in this most worthy endeavor, promoting and supporting the indie authors of the world!

My Blog Anniversary post of Choice..

NEW TSRA Book Covers for Sale…

Come one!  Come ALL!  TSRA has you covered!

NEW TSRA Book Covers for Sale….

Beginner Gardeners: Walking You Through What You Need To Know

For those who are preparing to garden.. This is probably one of the best blogs I have read on the topic.  ENJOY!

Beginner Gardeners: Walking You Through What You Need To Know.