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Defying the Gravitational Pull to the Dark Side


I noticed, this morning, as I parked myself in front on my laptop with a cafe latte and a bowl of yummy oats that there was something suspicious about my emails. There were so few, it made me question if I was, in fact, checking MY EMAILS!  Seriously, I waken to anywhere from 190 – 290 emails each morning and this morning, there was a mere 90. It was as though my connection to WORD PRESS had gone dark…

Z’up with that??

Naturally, I checked the spam folder and nope, only found that which I would consider spam, a lot…

Away I flew to MANAGE my PREFERENCES and as I was checking the blogs I follow to make certain that I was indeed, turned on, I WAS allowing the posts to come through. However, they were NOT!  Also, I noticed that even though I was typing in URL’s of certain blogs, they kept telling me that these were not valid…

I also noticed that after I went through and turned some off and then on again, I received a notification in my email that I was now following a particular blog. And little by little, I began receiving notices of some posts.  But NOT as before.

deep sigh

I also began going through the posts in my READER and after an hour of that…  But that can be maddening and I actually had to get up and do the dishes just to regain my sanity. New posts kept being added… I was jumping through too many hoops.

Okay, so as of now, I am missing a lot of what the lot of you are posting and I do not know why. If someone has a thought and are willing to enlighten me, I would be most grateful.  I will give it my best to attempt to keep up with everyone until this situation rights itself.  Please forgive me if I miss something and know that I intend to defy this gravitational pull to the dark side!

Love, Annette Rochelle

owning it


If along the way, you change your plan, that’s okay cause you’re the only who can.

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To be open is to be real, to be real is to being open to feel, to being open to feel is to be real open.

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#Read about Guest #Author Annette Rochelle Aben

I am honored to be the Guest Author as well as to introduce anyone who has NOT connected with Christopher Graham a.k.a. The Story Reading Ape to a most remarkable blog!  Thank you Good Sir Ape for this kindness, I shall not soon forget you Chris. ❤

#Read about Guest #Author Annette Rochelle Aben.

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Misunderstanding reigns in all its glory when one assumes they know the whole story.

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