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Writer’s Quote Wednesday Faith


A thought just came to me. That someone should sell bottles of glue with the brand name: FAITH. Why? Well, it seems that when everything is falling apart, FAITH is what holds it together for many. Perhaps we can have a FAITH TAPE to mend the tears and rips that keep beliefs teetering on the edge of coming completely unraveled. And could we all put Ph. D. after our names for all the times our FAITH has been tested and we passed?  Just thoughts here.

More thoughts here…  Can you tell when someone is sincere when they slap you on the back and tell you that they HAVE FAITH IN YOU? Do they really mean it or are they simply trying to find something kind to say when they really don’t know what to say? Of course there are those who truly DO mean it and when it comes out of their mouths we get the: “from your lips to God’s ears” chills.

And how, exactly, does one find their FAITH when it is lost? Ah, there’s a deeper than deep thought, for in order to find our FAITH, often times we are placed in situations that require us to do just that. In those often intense moments when we are tying knots in ropes and hanging on, we honestly believe that the alternative is unacceptable.

Think about this, you have survived each and every one of your worst moments. That has to be true, or you wouldn’t be reading this, right?  In each of those moments, those hair raising moments, did you ever think you’d make it? You had to have at some point, because it’s the thinking you can, even if you don’t know how that turns the tide. It’s the saying that there has to be a way, even if you can’t possibly envision what that way could be but holding onto even the smallest shred of hope. It’s the believing in something so strong that it has to manifest for you and rescue you from the pit.

FAITH.  You DO have faith my friend.  You’ve been there, done that and you can do it again and again. You don’t have to know how, simply believe and allow!

For bringing me through

Always making sure I knew

I would be okay

This might not make sense

How can someone explain it

Faith, my friends, it’s faith

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writers Challenge – “Faith”