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March 22: Flash Fiction Challenge

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Originally posted on Carrot Ranch Literary Community:
An inch of brown foam blooms over double scoops of grounds, and I wait 30 seconds before filling the press pot with more boiling water. After five minutes I press the grounds and…


Announcing the winner of The Max Power Indie Author Story-teller Award 2015

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Originally posted on Maxpower's Blog:
As a writer from Ireland, I understand the value and importance of the great art of story-telling.  When I get that sitting by the glow of a fire being read to feeling, I know…


Special Delivery

Originally posted on Chronic Conditions & Life Lessons:
An official announcement from the maternity department of hospital! In the wee hours of dawn Babies of Two were born to Kim Gosselin and Alisa Belzil. Weighing in at over nine pounds combined, Mollie…