Welcome Home


Now you experience love with gratitude.  Breathe in and exhale.  Dream big. Dare to soar with your ideas, insights and inspirations. YES!  Do it now!  Learn as you go. Namaste.

With Love and Gratitude
Annette Rochelle Aben

233 responses to “Welcome Home

  1. Good article. nice blog. Adorable … Welcome to my website.

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  2. Yes. truly blessed, Annette, and you’ve made me smile big & wide! Thank you. 😀❤️

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  3. What a nice reminder that we are truly blessed. In just a few short minutes each day, we can also remind ourselves, and say thank you. What a great way to start the day! I find it works best for me right out of bed. If I forget, then remember, I hop back into bed, and start again, feet to floor grounding myself and thanking 3 times. It makes all the difference.

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  4. Always great to have a reminder. Thanks, Annette!

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  5. Awesome post Annette!

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  6. An attitude of gratitude — you can’t beat it. Mega hugs

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  7. There’s an air of freshness that surrounds your posts which I have greatly enjoyed. I wish you greater success and look forward to greater things to come. Let me know how can i be of help.


  8. What a pleasant update that we are really blessed…..There’s a quality of freshness that encompasses your posts which I have enormously appreciated. I wish you more noteworthy achievement and anticipate more prominent things to come.

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  9. I will bookmark your blog site.. Your website is so informative hold up the good work!!!! A shapely A whole lot additional Unbelievable.

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  10. Everyone loves it when folks get together and share thoughts.
    Great website, continue the good work!

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  11. I liked your blog, I invite you to my blog:

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  12. Hi Annette, I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! @v@❤

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  13. I guess wisdom knows no age, only soul. Wonderful blog, “young wise Missy” — namaste. ::::Cheshire grin::::

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