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It started with a hand printed book of junior high school love poetry. I went on to create an award-winning children’s activity book without even trying. So I decided it was time to write and publish MORE books. Here they are. ENJOY and thank you for BUYING them, I only publish that which I would buy myself!


Poem in Your Pocket Day 2023

Proud Momma Moment

Received the email late yesterday that Tell Me a Story in 99 Words had been awarded a 2023 READER READY AWARD HONORABLE MENTION from Author Shout. I am over the moon with happiness!

This is my most recently published book and it is now a multi-award winner. 

 Thank you to everyone who inspires me to keep writing in genres outside my comfort zone. Now that I have dipped my toes into the water with this book, I look forward to wading in above the ankles!

A Tanka Picture Book Receives 5 Stars

Thank you to celebrated best-selling author, Mary L. Schmidt, for her lovely post and 5-star review of my book, A Tanka Picture Book.

Click the link just below to read her blog post. It would be appreciated if you were to like, share, and follow her!



Random Acts of Poetry Day 2022

 Experience the joy of being a “secret Santa” in October!  That’s right, we have the opportunity to “gift” someone a smile, a hug, or some inspiration all day today. How? By joining in the fun of:


 You can leave one on a chair. You can slip one into a mailbox. You can tuck one in with your tip after lunch. You can orate to the critters at the park! Limits? We don’t see no stinkin’ limits! Unleash your poetic soul on an unsuspecting, but deserving world with unbridled joy. Be brave! Be clever! Be random!  Most of all, have fun. 

Regardless of where you may roam

have some fun, and leave behind, a poem

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben

Firebird Book Award Winner Tell Me a Story in 99 words

I am pleased to announce…

Speak Up Talk Radio (author & podcast services with a charitable twist) which sponsors the International Firebird Book Awards, has honored my latest release, Tell Me a Story in 99 words, with 1st place in the Short Stories – Flash Fiction category for the 2nd quarter contest of 2022.

This contest is special because the entry fee is a tax-deductible donation that benefits Enchanted Makeovers a 501 (c)3 organization serving women and children.

Speak Up Talk Radio is where you will find all the details to learn more about Enchanted Makeovers, the promotional opportunities for authors and their books, as well as upcoming contests!