Angel Messages May 26 2017

Your Daily Message from Angels


We love you

It does feel great, Angels!!

6 responses to “Angel Messages May 26 2017

  1. opposite andy here if you need to wish me a big plastic smile and perhaps a dark alley=ing 😉 points out he gets this FINE message i shall get the recognition i deserve on to waltz into about the worst employee review I ever got and remember i’ve gotten canned before, this one’s far less hopeful- it’s the average! review! because we all believe growth’s possible and necessary- yet with such a review there isn’t any incentive or oppurtunity. neither is there hope. which to make matter far more laughable…yes your read that with heheh laugh laugh not woe wanh wanh even if I drip cyanicism… is i had this divination saying I’d be offered a job commensurate or at least more condusive to my abilities and temperment… I thought slyly lol what? unemployment? I literally came about that close to such today…after the kiss of death all average / satisfactory review which leaves zero room ever period to stand out.–so, opposite andy adds to this lol i am also due true! love today…flirt at my own risk! ** I was in fact surprised all of these things came somewhat true emphasis on the rue in true. – now 😀 as I’m busted a grape with all this smiling.. I wish you WINE! mosquitoes song and all the nature you can otherwise swat away. hurmph within the biggest smile you can imagine. I didn’t get fired. I did get wine. I’m not so sure about the true love stuff but at least i can say a few i like said hello anyways 😀 ahhhhh and? there is..butter immenant…. you with the joy of YOU CAn! 🙂 which is true without the rue unless we’re Frenching up some serious sauce.. rux. crap of all times to forget how to spell a word! oi. how rude of me! oh well, you’re surely aware of my beliefs in editing by now.


  2. I’m always open to possibilities; you miss so much if you aren’t. The comments were especially good today.

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