Happiness Happens Month Day 1


In 1998, Pamela Gail Johnson founded the Society of Happy People to recognize happiness and celebrate more happiness.

This first week of August (1-7) is HUNT FOR HAPPINESS WEEK.

Check out their website where you can join, share, and be encouraged to find and celebrate happiness every day of your life! Society of Happy People

Activity for August 1, 2021 – How many times did you feel grateful today?

9 responses to “Happiness Happens Month Day 1

  1. Happy Sunday, Annette! Yes, lets make August to the “Month of Happiness”. 🙂 xx Michael

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  2. I love this, Annette! It just so happens that August is my birth month, so double happy for me!

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  3. Several times! Happy Happiness Month, Annette! ❤ xo

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