Daily Archives: June 1, 2018

Doing the Java Jive

For those who know me, being involved with ANYTHING coffee would bring me great delight (deep sigh).

Yesterday, while minding my own business, my glass coffee mug chose to explode and rain down upon my writing desk. Not that this would have been a huge issue, except that my computer was sitting there and decided it had had enough of watching ME have all the fun and took a drink!

Naturally I am off warranty and who expects such an expense,,

Until this is rectified, I am borrowing Chrome books from my roomies (so very kind of them). Which means that content and connection might be a tad scattered.

My ‘lil sis, Kylie called to let me know she has started a fund to “Help Aunt Annette Get a New “Puter” so this may turn around quickly, never know,’

Where is old faithful?  Sitting in a pile of white rice.  Hey it works for cell phones, right?



Angel Messages June 1 2018

Your Daily Message from Angels…

SLEEP helps you REST your WEARY MIND!

We love you

Thank you, Angels!!