I Do

 Chari Mills challenged us to write about dressing up this week. I chose to use my actual wedding day as my 99-word tale. Check out more writing fun at the Carrot Ranch.

Weddings are generally fancy-dress occasions. Even the venues are decorated beautifully with that which symbolizes the excitement of the happy couple.

Her mother’s home was no exception, as there were flowers in every room. From the massive spray of gladiolas on the piano to the dozens of carnations in the family room. So pretty!

The bride sat crossed-legged on the kitchen counter in jeans, a tee-shirt, and bare feet. Caught up in the beauty around her, she bolted when the Minister inquired if she had a pretty dress to wear since the ceremony was to begin in five minutes.

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben

13 responses to “I Do

  1. I love that mental image! I know exactly what you mean, too, about getting lost in beauty. It must have been breathtaking. And now I’m wondering whether you changed or wore jeans at your wedding…

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  2. I love the contrast of the home full of flowers and the casual bride. I find it all beautiful.

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  4. Some people go overboard and get lost in the over-the-top beauty. This piece showcases the more laid-back approach of a girl who seems to know what’s most important.

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  5. I love this, Annette. It sounds just like my one sister.

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  6. That was like a rom com, Annette! I could see you sitting in awe of your surroundings and then taking off when you saw your hubby coming. That tickles me. ❤

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