Indigenous People’s Day

 On October 8, 2021, U. S. President Joseph Biden declared that

October 11th will be celebrated as  Indigenous People’s Day.

 As a person descended from the Ottawa Indians, I appreciate that people be reminded that our people were here to greet those who “found” this continent all those years ago. In fact, my Great-Great Grandfather was an Ottawa Indian Chief. 

 So, may this day be a celebration of life with music, food, dance, and worship with family & friends. 

AND an opportunity to honor the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE


the United States of America

10 responses to “Indigenous People’s Day

  1. Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    Indigenous people day. Today.

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  2. I am 1/4 Ojibwa. I was lucky. My Ojibwa Grandmother taught me how to live and think. We must learn. The water, the earth and the sky are gifts. We must be kind to nature and to each other.

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  3. Thanks for the information, Annette! You are a gem! 🙂 xx Michael

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  4. A lovely idea, Annette. Thanks for sharing your celebration.

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