In response to Sue Vincent’s #writephoto Light prompt this week, here is my wee story. Care to join her? Here’s the link!

Lauren’s grandmother was always her guiding light. Her grandmother raised her and she felt safe with her grandmother near.

After her grandmother passed, Lauren tried but found it difficult to find that guiding light again. It was scary to think she would have to live life on her own. Closing her eyes, she prayed for a sign from her grandmother.

As tears fell, she looked up and the first thing she saw was the tall pine in the yard. Through the branches, shone a brilliant light. It was the sign she prayed for. She smiled. Everything would be okay.

©2019 Annette Rochelle Aben

15 responses to “Grandlight

  1. Beautiful, Annette… ❤

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  2. A lovely affirmaton, Annette.

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  3. I love the connection with nature! Nature always teaches us if we only pay attention.

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  4. This is really beautiful, Annette.

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  5. A wonderful way to approach this prompt. Those clear signs which are always there but may only be recognized when we look out for them. Such a touching and uplifting story, Annette.

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  7. Beautiful story, Annette. I can relate to Lauren because my maternal grandmother was my guiding light, too. ❤

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