Sour Puss

This week’s Carrot Ranch 99-word Flash Fiction Challenge was to write about Key Limes. Personally, I love a good key lime pie. Now, I am in the mood to go bake one. If you are ever in the mood to participate in the weekly challenges of Charli Mills, FOLLOW her blog and have some fun!

“Key limes, schmee limes! I didn’t know there was a difference and now I have to go back to the store!”

Allison was not happy. Her mother asked for 30 key limes for the pie and she bought 30 limes, but they were not key limes. Now she had to not only go back to the store to buy MORE limes, but she also had to take back the ones she lugged home. Whatever!

Plopping the bag of limes into the basket on her bike, Allison grumbled, “Key limes, schmee limes! Why not just make Grandma a chocolate cake?”

©2019 Annette Rochelle Aben

15 responses to “Sour Puss

  1. I like the way you portray that attitude! I’ll bet a lot of people probably feel the same way. And that chocolate cake does sound good… 🙂

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  2. Limes or key limes, what a predicament 😄

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  3. Hehe, true! That could be my son thinking like it… lol

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  4. Wrong limes! I could understand that frustrating a young person. Cute story!

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  6. There is a difference, and there’s nothing like a Key lime pie! YUM! ❤

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