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Balls in the Air

She’s learned to juggle

Bills, appointments, household chores

Her life’s a circus

©2023 Annette Rochelle Aben




Circle Game

Hunting for fresh knowledge

Sorting fact from fiction

Solve the contradiction

Back to square one

©2023 Annette Rochelle Aben

Taking Comfort


Hair was

Longer now

Soft and flowing

It draped over her

Shoulders, cascading down

Just like in her younger days

Everyone remarked how it looked

Like a pale gray scarf that kept her warm

They shed some tears as the casket was closed

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben


Haiku 11/2/22

Pale blue morning sky

Golden, copper, and bronze leaves

Crow spreads wings in flight

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben


Day Dawns

Clouds tipped in silver

Sky of blue ever-present

Mourning dove cooing


Clouds tipped in silver

Fluffy bottoms edged in grey

Middles cotton white


Sky of blue ever-present

Sun trades places with the moon

Mother Earth responds


Mourning dove cooing

Geese winging to daytime roosts

Robins search for food

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben