3-Day Quote Challenge


Merci to the best ape fiend I have (rrrr) I meant friend of course!  TSRA himself Christopher Graham who invited me to this mayhem known as the 3-Day Quote Challenge.


1.  Thank the person who brung ya

2.  Post your quote – which might be something you wrote to encourage, inspire or bring a smile to someone’s heart!

3.  Pass it on (translated, tag 3 who could knock this outta the park)

Here is my quote:

Charlie Chaplin Quotes About Life

and here are the 3 I wish to “tag” and if I didn’t so this correctly, I at least gave you something to think about and perhaps a grin!  xoxox  Annette

Alienora Browning, Ronovan and P.S. Bartlett

4 responses to “3-Day Quote Challenge

  1. Eggsalent Annette 👍😂😘


  2. Annette Rochelle Aben

    Then I have succeeded.


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