Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge Hate & Pride

Don’t have too much pride

Admit that you hate olives

Or they’ll give you more

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

17 responses to “Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge Hate & Pride

  1. Don’t hate olives.

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  2. Not a big fan of them…lol

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  3. I love olives but I love the message even more… lol!!

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  4. Haha, Annette, such a lovely and humorous interpretation of these prompt words.

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  5. Colleen Chesebro

    LOL! They were “heavy” words but I have been blown away by the poetry this week. Everyone has a different take! 😀 I love olives and love your Haiku! ❤

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  6. Love the haiku Annette, but HATE olives too! 🙂

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