Self Care Activity Day 3

Day 3


 Take the time, several times throughout your day, to BREATHE DEEPLY. Allow yourself to feel that inhale all the way down to your toes! If at first that seems a bit far fetched, keep trying. You’ll be amazed and delighted with the results, the more you take the time to BREATHE DEEPLY.

21 responses to “Self Care Activity Day 3

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    It’s amazing how often I forget to do this. Going to make a conscious effort today.

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  3. I swear by this as a stress-reliever!

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  4. Practicing this on a daily basis.

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  5. Breathing consciously works wonders. It is like filling us with life. Thank you for that, Annette.

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  6. I am always amazed at the energy shift that occurs when I take time throughout the day for three deep breaths. What a beautiful tool!

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